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The easiest projection mapping software to create impressive scenic designs

No animation skills required to create projection mapping effects! This projection mapping tool makes it possible to create audio-reactive visuals with just a few clicks.


Adapts all your animations with the most intuitive projection mapping software.


A powerful projection mapping software to create sensational animations !


Combine animations with your music thanks to our projection mapping software.


Simple projection mapping tools

With our free projection mapping software, adapt the projection of your animations to the chosen mapping surfaces in just a few minutes. Use the preset shapes or draw your own ones for more creative freedom. Transform the space according to your imagination.

Projection mapping effects library

Turn your brightest ideas into outstanding visual experiences thanks to the largest and most complete library of visual effects on the market. There are more than 1,000 potential combinations, which leaves endless room for customization. HeavyM is the projection mapping software which has the most ready-to-use content in the world.

HeavyM effect library
HeavyM audio

Audio-reactive visuals

Automatically sync visual effects to your music. Built-in sound analysis allows you to create a show with perfect visual and sound coherence. It then becomes very easy to automate sound synchronisation so as to focus on your music performance. HeavyM also instantly matches the tempo from other apps with Ableton Link.

Integrate any content into the projection mapping software

Thanks to HeavyM’s media player, import your videos, images or even webcam streams directly in the software. It will perfectly project your content to create sensational visual experiences. You can import as many media as you like, it is limitless.

import your own media desktop
automate sequencer desktop

Automate projection with the sequencer

HeavyM’s sequencer is a must-have. Organise your projects in sequences, combine them with gorgeous transitions, and trigger them when it’s time, or preschedule the whole performance with high precision.

Free projection mapping software for PC and Mac

Use the power of the Shaders

In addition to the integrated visual effects, you have 100 shaders at your disposal. Clearly, the rendering is like a video but you can completely customize the colors, speed, intensity, position, ... It's magic!

HeavyM effects
connect midi controllers desktop

Connect MIDI controllers

Get more freedom during your live shows. Control projection mapping visual effects with buttons, potentiometers or pads. All MIDI controller models are compatible.

Warping tool

Be free to project your content on the most complex surfaces, thanks to the warping module. This great image warping tool allows you to perfectly fit your media to objects. The warping grid becomes your best ally to fulfill your ideas and desires with success.

HeavyM warping tool

Free projection mapping software for PC and Mac

Users’ words
Chris Hodson
Chris Hodson, DJ, USA

“The projection mapping software HeavyM allowed me to develop my skills and make a living from my passion. When I became a professional DJ in 2010, I wanted to stand out by integrating stage lighting design to my performances: projection mapping appeared to me as the perfect solution.
When emotional events (such as weddings) require a very personalised atmosphere, I can create a high-tech visual animation with projection mapping.
I chose HeavyM because it is always easy to use. I can use it anywhere and completely transform a place: in the blink of an eye, a lifeless wall turns into a pyrotechnic show or an elegant waterfall. I need between 20 and 30 minutes to create a projection mapping on the spot and adjust it to the stage decoration, it’s quick and easy!
My performances have evolved a lot thanks to HeavyM and my clients love projection mapping! Few DJs use this technology for weddings or private parties as I do with HeavyM. In 2017, 80% of my clients chose my music + visual effects package which is 15 to 25% more expensive than the music-only offer. My renown is growing little by little and being passionate about DJing, projection mapping is a new creativity and revenue stream: it’s priceless!”

Del Rio
Jose Hurtado del Rio, artist, Spain

“Projection mapping came into my life in 2013 thanks to Fine Arts and painting. I am self-taught in many areas and have developed my knowledge and skills with user guides and instruction manuals. I discovered HeavyM when it was in beta test phase four years ago. There was one single video in French but it was explained well! HeavyM provided solutions for my problems with time-wasting actions that caused me too much work and too many issues with other programs. HeavyM really helped me speed up my production pace and be more effective in the achievement of projects.
HeavyM is a stable functional software which evolves in the right way through each update. I really appreciate the clarity of the user guide and the constant support from the team. HeavyM encourages progress with its online tutorials to master the latest features. What’s more, the team is always available to help me and answer my questions. And of course, I must recognise how much time it saves: from an idea to projection, there is no time wasted and I’ve done some really cool improvisations on the street.
With projection mapping, I’ve added a key skill to the services I offer and it is so amazing for my clients to see the video perfectly adjust to the projection surface, just as they had imagined! I’ve been able to deploy my activity in other sectors, such as the medical field, by designing visual environments to treat fibromyalgia. I have always wanted to work for a dance performance where video would be controlled by the movements of the dancers’ bodies. This could be a beautiful project to make with projection mapping in the near future.

Try HeavyM, the free projection mapping software for PC and Mac