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N° : 2002 Create an impressive scenic design with Olga and projection mapping | HeavyM
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Easily create an impressive scenic design with Olga

All technical details to create a scenic design

A ready-to-assemble scenic design kit

The Olga kit is made of triangles, connectors and a carrying bag and it is ideal for setting up a scenography in an average of 30 minutes. Give free rein to your imagination with the multiple possible configurations. The various pieces make it possible to create stage scenery adapted to projection mapping and easily hangable using the hooks on each triangle.

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olga kit spec

Olga is adapted to the requirements of professional scenic design

olga kit spec pro
A quality material

The Olga kit is made of flame-retardant M1 polypropylene to meet the safety standards of performance halls for stage design. This white, double-sided material (matte or shiny finish) was specially designed to ensure an optimal and expert rendering of your projections.

Easy to hang

Each triangle’s hook allows you easily attach your structure to the wall. There are many solutions to perfectly adapt to the stage set design.

systeme attache 1 systeme attache 2 systeme attache 3

Collaboration with Büro23

Olga was born from the collaboration between HeavyM and Büro23’s teams. Büro23 is a stage design studio based in Nantes, France. This collaboration grew from a shared desire to simplify stage decoration for projection mapping. Emphasis was placed on modularity: the ability to reuse the Olga kit on several installations offers multiple variations for design and reduces the production costs of 3D projection mapping. The Olga kits are entirely made in France and the manufacturing facilities were chosen according to their working conditions and production quality.

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Delivery of the Olga kit

We deliver the Olga kit everywhere in the world through our partner carrier DHL. The package is shipped from Paris, France.
It is a premium express delivery:
France: 48 hours tops
Europe: 2-3 days
USA: 3-4 days
Rest of the world: > 4 days
Some countries, particularly in South America and the Middle East, charge customs fees. These additional customs fees are the buyer’s responsibility.
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What is scenic design?

Scenic design is an artistic discipline in its own right that involves creating a stage setting relevant to the theme of a concert or the story of a show. Unlike the director who works closer to the actors, the stage designer works using volumes, objects, colors, lights an textures. But the interactions between both profiles are very frequent and the line between these activities is often very fine.
Now, the words ‘scenic design’ extend to other sectors such as events, store layout and showcases, exhibitions in cultural institutions and art galleries, public places…

How to create scenic designs with HeavyM and Olga?

The Olga kit was designed to create abstract geometric volumes specially adapted to stage design. The visual effect of the kit is the result of a precise and coherent combination and interconnection of triangles. HeavyM makes it possible to brighten up these volumes with video projection, creating a unique personalised 3D projection mapping...

Mike tells us about the creation of the Olga kit:

“When HeavyM’s team asked me to design a kit of structures for 3D projection mapping under the following conditions: easy to use, reusable, made with a quality material and to be sold at an affordable price, I was immediately enthralled by the idea and I accepted the challenge!
With 15 years of experience in scenography and passion for geometric shapes, I quickly opted for equilateral triangles. It is an ideal shape to offer great freedom to the user who has room to arrange the triangles in any way. HeavyM’s team wanted a structure kit for 3D projection mapping that could be used anywhere: the material had to be fireproof. This is how we turned to polypropylene with a special flame retardant treatment to meet M1 standard.
The most complicated step was to imagine and design a strong reusable hanging system so that the user can assemble and reassemble his kit to infinity. We made several real-life tests to find the right hanging system before approving the best solution: the combination of plastic fixing rods and notches made to measure on the triangles.
This collaboration with HeavyM’s team was an amazing adventure for me. I take pride in the fact that our co-creation is used by many thousands of people around the world. We are already thinking about potential evolutions!”

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