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N° : 2002 Make 3D projection mapping rendering with Olga | HeavyM
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Olga, structure kit for 3D projection mapping

Kit including triangular shapes to create 3D projection mapping surfaces.

A easy-to-assemble and easy-to-disassemble kit for 3D projection mapping installations

The Olga kit can cover an average surface of 1.20m by 1.20m. Assembling it is easy and it takes less than 30 minutes! It is ideal for stage installations and best for use in line with our 3D projection mapping software HeavyM. The material was specially designed to better reflect light.
The Olga kit is a high-end rendering 3D projection mapping accessory, offered at a very affordable price while being 100% made in France and in an eco-responsible way.

A kit specially designed for 3D projection mapping

Transform your stage set with our easy-to-assemble elements. The Olga kit is composed of 30 equilateral triangles and 60 fixation rods. It contains 3 units of 5 triangles, 5 units of 2 triangles, and 5 units of 1 single triangle. It weighs 2 kg and thus makes it possible to hang 3D projection mapping structures without a reinforced hook. The polypropylene material is flame-retardant to meet the safety standards of performance spaces. Polypropylene M1 fireproofignifuge


The kit can be assembled and disassembled quickly, as many times as you like, and it is modular according to each project. All you have to do is assemble the parts using the fixing rods. The materials have been conceived to be durable and resistant, they are washable and flame-proof. The ability to reuse the Olga kit on multiple installations reduces the cost of producing 3D projection mapping.

Olga enhances your 3D projection mapping projects

Save time when designing your project by using an Olga kit. Triangles have two projection surfaces, a matte one and a shiny one. Choose the one that is forest suited to your 3D projection mapping installation. The kit was specially designed for use with our software and a video projector.

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Example use of the Olga kit for 3D projection mapping

The modularity of the Olga kit allows for variety of applications:
ymca By YMCA French Comics Festival

During the festival of comics in AngoulĂŞme, YMCA proposed an elegant scenography. By simply assembling 2 Olga kits in a circle, the result is spectacular. The place is completely transformed and the audience is transported in a visual universe inspired by the world of comics.

kut-festival By Lumalama Kurpfuscher Festival

During the Kurpfuscher Festival in Germany, Lumalama enhanced their backdrop by using 3 Olga kits.The DJs’ performance was illuminated by the projection of impacting visuals automatically synced to the music thanks to HeavyM.

skryptom By Burö23 Skryptöm realease party

Use of 8 Olga kits to create a wonderful and impressive giant ring. The scenography hanging above the DJs surprised the audience during 'Waiting Nördik Impakt', an event hosted by Skryptöm Collective.

Possible shape models with the Olga kit for 3D projection mapping

Our Olga kits allow for endless possibilities!
Here are two ready-to-roll examples:

What is 3D projection mapping?

It is a projection technique which uses volumes as projection surfaces rather than screens, it is usually used during shows, concerts, large outdoor events. The projection surfaces can be gigantic or very small and include monuments, building facades, stage sets, elements of architecture… All elements of reality can be transformed by 3D projection mapping’s virtual technology! Projection accessories such as the Olga kit are completely flexible and can be adapted to the size of the desired projection volume. Discover the works of our community on the blog.

How does 3D projection mapping work?

Projection mapping is a projection technique used to project on a surface other than standard rectangular screens. In the case of 3D projection mapping, this means that the surface is a three-dimensional volume. That way, it becomes possible to create effects that are generally more impressive than when projected on flat surfaces. With 3D projection mapping, we are able to transform environments by creating astounding graphic and visual atmospheres and immerse audiences in unique sensorial experiences!
To project animations on volumes, it is necessary to use a projection mapping software. Download the free version of HeavyM to discover how to project animations on objects. Discover HeavyM

How much does 3D projection mapping cost?

A 3D projection mapping installation can be made at an affordable price and therefore, it is accessible to a small budget. All you need is an object on which to project, a software and a video projector. Our tips for equipment are available here. However, the larger the installation, the higher the budget because the higher the required power of the video projector. The time spent creating immersive visuals can also quickly increase depending on the degree of realism expected.

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