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How to do projection mapping
with HeavyM?

The easiest projection mapping software, with ready-to-use effects.

mapping surface

Choose your projection mapping surface

HeavyM can be used anywhere and on any type of surface. The projection mapping surface can be an architectural element, your own decor or an Olga kit.

projection mapping projector

Place your projection mapping projector

All models are compatible with HeavyM.
You just have to make sure your projector is well placed and that surface is entirely covered by the field of projection.

How to choose your projection mapping projector?

The quality of the projector is primordial. The model will depend on the size of the surface to cover and the light intensity in the location where you will project.

projection mapping area

Define your projection mapping areas

Thanks to its drawing tools, HeavyM’s user-friendly and intuitive interface makes it possible to define outlines which perfectly fit your projection mapping area. This is easy to do using nothing but a computer mouse or trackpad.
The projection mapping appears directly and instantly on your chosen projection mapping surfaces.

adding visuals effects

Add visual effects

Create your projection mapping in a matter of minutes simply by using ready-to-use animations created by HeavyM’s team. They automatically adapt to the outline of your surfaces.
Animate, color and enliven your decors with the world’s most complete and diverse library of effects.

import your own content

Import your own content

You can use your own photos and videos, HeavyM automatically adapts them to your projection mapping surfaces.
You can also include video content from other applications as HeavyM is compatible with Syphon & Spout technologies, among others.

Ready to create projection mapping projects?

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What is projection mapping?

Projection mapping is a multimedia technique which appeared in the early 2000s. It involves projecting videos and visual animations on surfaces by playing with their relief, by means of one or several video projectors.
Projection mapping surfaces offer endless possibilities: from a monument’s facade to an architectural detail, a stage decor to a small object… Geometrical accessories are an excellent way to easily obtain a strong visual impact, such as the triangular shapes from our Olga kit.
Any real-life element can be changed and transformed by projection mapping’s virtual technology. Projection mapping goes beyond the usual lighting design by using software that makes it possible to create trompe l’oeil in motion, spectacular optical illusions, 360° projections... This type of software merges reality and virtuality thanks to highly precise drawing tools and advanced possibilities to create content (photos, visual effects, videos, dynamic animations…).
Projection mapping is the ability to create graphic and visual atmospheres that immerse audiences to make them live an experience of changing reality… towards another reality!

How to create projection mapping ?

The equipment required to create projection mapping is minimal: you simply need a computer, a video projector, a projection mapping surface, a cable to connect the computer to the projector and a projection mapping software.
The first step consists in choosing the projection mapping surface: an object, an architectural element, a decor, a structure adapted to 3D projection mapping such as the Olga kit.
The second step is choosing and placing your video projector according to a distance calculation with respect to the projection area to be covered. The power of the video projector is to be chosen according to the size of the projection area (5,000 lumens for small projections and up to 20,000 lumens for projections on buildings) and to the levels of ambient light. The video projector must be stable, at the right height and correctly focused to obtain optimal rendering of the animations. After a number of adjustments, its placement must be definitive so as to avoid any shift with the projection mapping to come.
The third phase is the most creative but also the most complex one: it is time to create animations which which perfectly fit the projection mapping surface. These creations are made by motion designers and then exported as video files. The technician on the field will adapt these creations to the projection media thanks to the projection mapping software.
To avoid complications, software HeavyM offers simplified solutions to make the creative process intuitive and free of constraints: the software has integrated visual effects that can be combined endlessly and it adapts all imported photos and videos directly to the projection mapping surface, as well as content from other applications. It is phenomenally time-saving!

Projection mapping: a multipurpose and multi-sector tool

The strength of projection mapping lies in its ability to adapt easily to all kinds of events.

Conference corporate Corporate conference - YouTube France
Corporate events: conferences, product launches, inaugurations, gala evenings

This is a projection mapping project on the stage background wall. The frames were drawn with HeavyM. All the visuals projected come from the software’s visual effects library. Three video projectors were required for this project.

Scenographie interactive DJ set Interactive scenography for a DJ set
Culture and entertainment: concerts, shows, theater, festivals

Rabbit Revolution crew proposes a stage design inspired by Dragon Ball Z with the mapping of an impressive dragon behind the DJs. All the animations were created in HeavyM and were synced to the music played.

Oeuvre work art exhibit museum Work of art exhibit in a museum
Installations and artistic performances

Six Olga kits were used to create this giant question mark. Drawing the triangles with HeavyM requires just 30 minutes. Afterwards, several videos were added thanks to HeavyM’s smart media player.

Ready to create projection mapping projects?

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