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DMX and Shape positioning coordinate

3 Answers, Last answer 18th May 2020 at 14 h 30 min

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Hello everyboby.

i would like to ask an inplementetion of DMX protocol for use HeavyM with lightdesk console.

I work in the live gig concert, and could be a really big revolution in our world

in this moment i try to convert dmx information from console, to midi control.... but is really long

i think that the team need to implemtent an library that can accept Artnet prootocol, could be great


Another question is the possibility to write dimension an coordinate of the shape.

i work with tile of led and we construct different size, but we are shure about the pixel position..


thanks a lot





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Admin Ambassador

Hi Carlo,

Thank you for the report and your feedbacks =)

The DMX protocol feature is not yet in our first priority but we'll do it in the future.

The coordinate of a shape with be displayed and editable soon ;)

Have a good day !

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Hey Romain HM, How far are you programmers with the displaying of the Coordinates for the shape in HM, I would like to Pre program a show, an like to position the shapes after coorndinats / Pixels, do you have any advise for this ? best wishes, DaJamus
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Hi DaJamus, I would like to exchange with you about your projects to understand better what you expect. Feel free to contact me at this adress : david@heavym.fr Have a good day
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