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About us

HeavyM is the video mapping software developed by Digital Essence.

Meet the team

Founded in 2014 by three computer engineers, Digital Essence is a french startup specialized in interactive systems using video projection.

Adrien Grosjean Adrien Grosjean CTO
Etienne Mathé Etienne Mathé CEO
Arnaud Berthonneau Arnaud Berthonneau CMO

An interdisciplinary collaboration

Our team, based on the collaboration between engineers, computer graphic artists and stage designers, uses its skills to address needs from experimentation to communication.

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About Digital Essence

Digital Essence picture

Our goal is to enhance visual animation for events and shows by developing innovative softwares. More precisely, we have the will to democratize the video mapping technique so as to make it more accessible for fields that usually can’t afford it because of its cost and difficulty to manage.

Alongside developing HeavyM, we are offering services to professionals who would like to integrate video mapping in their events, their installations or their live shows.

Our support

During 2 years, we received the support of the 104factory, the CENTQUATRE-Paris incubator. This cultural centre is a place dedicated to artists from all over the world that offers them the infrastructure they need to thrive but it is also an important structure in the world of innovation dedicated to art.

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The HeavyM team also thanks you!

In June 2015, we received the support of 1176 contributors on Kickstarter. A big warm thanks to them!

And to all our users in general, thank you for all your feedback since the first version of HeavyM was released. Your help is precious and thanks to you we can move forward so that we can provide you with the best possible experience! We love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to contact us.