Here’s a tutorial on how to release a HeavyM license from a computer! First, know that HeavyM licenses are allocated a specific number of seats. This number represents the maximum number of computers to which you can link the license at the same time. You can consult the list of linked devices and check how many seats you have on your license manager.

You can release a license from a computer and link it to another as you wish, following the “unlink” process described below. You must perform this procedure before:

  • Changing the components of your computer;
  • Installing HeavyM on another computer (if all your seats are already full);
  • Upgrading your operating system (for previous versions with the login system).

If you simply want to update HeavyM, you do not need to release your license. If you have problems updating, please contact the support.

Unlinks are limited to 5 per licence and there are two methods to perform them: directly from the software or online.


Releasing your License from the software

First, make sure you’re connected to the internet, then run HeavyM. In the software, you must click on Help → Unlink your License (or Tools → Unlink in HeavyM 1.2 and 1.3). If you have an older version, please contact us.

A dialog window will ask you to confirm the unlink by pressing OK. If the unlink procedure has worked, a confirmation message will appear. If not, be sure to check the status of your internet connection.

If you refresh your license manager on the HeavyM website, you should no longer see your computer in the list of allowed machines. You can then use this newly free seat to link your HeavyM license to another computer!


Releasing your license online

If you can’t access the device you wish to unlink, you can do it online. For that, login to your license manager and scroll down to “Seats & Devices”. There, you can choose which computer to unlink.

shows the location of the "unlink" button in the license manager

A dialog window will ask you to confirm the unlink. If the procedure has worked, a confirmation will appear. If not, an error message will tell you what to do.

All done! You can now use this free seat to link your HeavyM license to another computer!