Are you considering creating quality video mappings? And are you wondering what criteria matter when it comes to choosing a suitable computer? Then this article was made just for you!


Choosing a computer is fundamental if you are planning on using it with resource intensive programs such as photo or video editing software. HeavyM is a video mapping software that is capable of generating visual effects and projecting them on volumes, decorations or architectural elements. HeavyM is Mac and Windows compatible.



By the way, how do VJing and mapping work?

Video mapping started out in the 2000s. It is closely linked to VJing, a discipline that is both artistic and technical and consists in mixing videos just like a DJ mixes music.

VJs usually work using a computer to create animations on a video projection or content that is broadcast on LED screens. To be able to display several media (videos or photos) simultaneously and mix them with each other, the computer they use must possess a strong computing power, so that the end result remains fast and seamless.


4 key characteristics for video mapping

A computer is made of several components and each plays a role in allowing the software to function. When choosing a computer, there are 4 independent characteristics you need to take into account.


Graphics card

To be able to create visual animations, it is essential to get a computer similar to the one gamers use to play video games. This means your computer needs to have a graphics processing unit that supports the display of 3D images, and not only the graphics card that is part of the motherboard. We recommend using a graphics processing unit from a manufacturer such as GeForce or Radeon and with at least 2 Go of video memory.

To be able to use HeavyM, your graphics card must be compatible with OpenGL 2.0 (or a newer version). You will find this information on the reseller’s website, though all recent graphics cards are compatible.
Finally, you’ll need to make sure that HeavyM is running through your 3D graphics card, and not through the computer’s motherboard’s graphics chipset.


Your processor’s power matters when it comes to playing videos. The processor is used for extracting video files as these are usually compressed. The higher the speed of the processor, which is expressed in GHz, the smoother it will be when you play a video.

We recommend an i5 (Quad Core – 2.5 GHz) processor if you are hoping to read several videos simultaneously.


RAM (Random-access memory) describes a computer’s memory. A computer that has a high RAM is able to deal with more data simultaneously. Therefore, it allows you to use several softwares simultaneously or to work on more complicated projects.

To use HeavyM comfortably, we recommend at least 8 Go of RAM.

Hard Drive

The size of your hard drive matters if you need to stock a lot of high-resolution video files. SSD models are the fastest when it comes to loading and playing videos.

We recommend using an SSD hard drive if you wish to speed up the loading time of your videos, but that isn’t an essential feature.



Updating drivers

Drivers are small computer programs which allow all the components of your computer to communicate with each other.There are drivers that allow you to use a printer, while others deal with helping your graphics card function. Each graphics card model has its own driver. However, these drivers are frequently updated by manufacturers without getting updated automatically on your own computer.

Therefore, you need to check the manufacturer’s website for new versions, download them and manually install them. This usually solves compatibility issues and increases the general performance of your computer.


During intensive and continuous use, your computer tends to overheat. Therefore, make sure it is placed in a well-ventilated space so as to avoid sudden interruptions. In general, computers possess an automatic switch off feature which prevents their components from overheating dangerously.

External accessories

HeavyM is compatible with all of your computer’s internal components. If you are using external components (webcam, microphone or sound card) and you notice an incompatibility, please contact us so we can assist you in finding a solution.


Switching up the computer that uses HeavyM

We implemented a system which allows you to switch computers easily by managing your HeavyM license. Learn how to unlink your license from a computer in our dedicated tutorial.


That was it, now you know everything. Good luck making your choice!


To be continued

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