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Step by step

First, you have to make sure that Smode and HeavyM/HeavyM_Projection/HeavyM_Projection.exe are using the same graphics card (if you have more than one). Then, you just have to launch HeavyM, open a Fullscreen projection (in Projection → Fullscreen) and create your mapping as usual.



Next, you need to activate the Spout Output for HeavyM by clicking on Projection → Enable Spout Output. Now, you can launch and configure Smode. In order to get the HeavyM output as an input in Smode, you have to adjust the settings in Smode, in the Preferences window, under the Video Input tab.



Here is a Smode composition that will allow you to retrieve the HeavyM output and apply two effects that have already been configured to it : Smode composition

Effect 1:


Effect 2:


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